How to Delete Browser Stored Passwords


Web browsers are able to store passwords using an “auto complete” feature. This function even if helpful for everyone, it can be unsafe because anyone who gains access to your computer can use stored passwords to log in to web sites or use special software to retrieve web site passwords stored as autocomplete data.

A good tool is Browser Password Remover, a free program to display and remove all the stored passwords from popular browsers. Browser Password Remover helps you to automatically list and remove any such stored passwords from all the popular browsers.

Supported web browsers :

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer [v7.x – v10.x]
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome Canary/SXS
  • CoolNovo Browser
  • Opera Next
  • Comodo Dragon Browser
  • SeaMonkey Browser
  • SRWare Iron Browser
  • Flock Browser

One of the unique feature of this tool is that it allows you to remove the stored login passwords from any User on the local system or any other computer.


Features :

  • Instantly decrypt and recover stored web login passwords from all the popular Browsers
  • Support latest versions of Browsers
  • Remove either selected ones or all the stored passwords with just a click
  • Create backup password report in HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV format
  • Auto detects the current storage location for Browsers
  • Supports password removal from any user on local or another system
  • Free and Easy to Use GUI based Tool
  • Fully portable, can be run anywhere without JAVA, .NET components
  • Includes Installer for local Installation & Uninstallation

License : Freeware

OS Supported : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Link : Browser Password Remover

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