Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics (RAAD)


RAAD or Remote Symantec Management Agent Diagnostics tool, is a standalone Microsoft Windows application that lets you remotely perform diagnostics of client computers, that have Symantec Management Agent (SMA) installed.

Main features:

  • Does not interfere with the user that is logged on.
  • Can be installed  and used on a computer other than Notification Server.
  • Accurately shows current information about client computer , providing  real-time information
  • Displays information gathered from a  client computer or a group of computers.
  • Queries any remote computer  within the network, regardless of Notification Server  they belong to.
  • Lets you reassign a client computer to a different Notification Server

You may want use the RAAD utility if:

  • you know or suspect that one or more managed computers have not accomplished a desired end result (such as submitting hardware inventory in the last 7 days), and you want information from the managed computers to deter mine whether the managed computers are currently functioning properly; and/or to help identify where the process failed (such as the agent doesn’t have the corresponding policy); and/or
  • you want to perform some actions to addr ess identified issues (such as, forcing an agent request updated policies); and/or you
  • recently made some configuration changes and you want to monitor their progress, or wish to move them along more quickly.

Useful Links

RAAD – Remote Symantec Management Agent Diagnostics 7.5.3153

Note: This version of RAAD cannot be used on client computer below 7.5. This version lets you manage client computers that have ITMS 7.5 or later.

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Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics 2.0

raad 2.1.24.jpg

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Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics


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RAAD KB Articles :

Since upgrading to SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1 (v2 Rollup applied), the RAAD v2 Tool returns this error connecting to a remote machine:  ‘Altiris Agent not installed. Unable to connect.’

How to use RAAD for Troubleshooting :

How to recover a hung Symantec Management Agent

Detecting computers with Shared GUIDs

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